Mixed Heritage Day at Dodger Stadium

Mixed Heritage Day at Dodger Stadium


Join your fellow mixed heritage baseball fans as the Dodgers host the Chicago Cubs. Come out to raise awareness and celebrate the mixed heritage experience presented by Mixed Up Clothing & MultiCulti Corner. Head over to our event page to purchase your tickets.

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Who are we?

Are you looking for a DIVERSE group of people and families to get to know? Join us as we explore our diverse city, learn about each other’s cultures, and make new friendships along the way…

The goal of MultiCulti Corner is to immerse ourselves as well as our children in a culturally stimulating environment that sparks awareness, appreciation, and friendships.

Who are the people of MultiCulti Corner? We are we are professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, advocates, and activists; we’re parents, raising Mini Global Citizens. We are Multiracial people of all skin-tones, hair textures, body-sizes, physical-abilities, and ages but most of all, we LOVE our cultures!!

Let’s celebrate life, network, socialize, form new friendships, and share…

 Why MultiCulti Matter

intermarriage graphAudience:

In 2000 the U.S. Census updated their racial categories, allowing people to select more than one race for the first time.

The 2010 U.S. Census included statistics on race and marriage.

Multiracial/Multiethnic Families

Percentage of marriages that are multiracial is 9% – up from 3.2% in 1980


Call To Action:
The Multiracial/Multicultural community has long been overlooked but not anymore.

There is a demographic shift in the U.S. According to the 2010 Census, Multiple-Race Population Grew Faster Than Single-Race Population.

Nielsen says the size and influence of the multicultural consumer spending in the United States having reached $3.4 trillion, multicultural shoppers have become “super consumers” who are having a tremendous impact on the U.S. mainstream.

These findings should serve as a road map for anyone interested in using the insights to build and sustain deeper, more meaningful and authentic connections with the multiracial/ multicultural consumers.

And businesses would be wise to do so as this segment’s purchasing power and influence on the mainstream continues to grow.

There’s also a lot of money at stake here.

Nielsen estimates and identifies multicultural shoppers as the most dynamic and rapidly growing segment of the U.S. consumer economy.

This makes the importance of businesses connecting with this consumer critical. MCC is focused on programs that empower consumers.

MultiCulti Corner UNDERSTANDS THE DIFFERENT CONCERNS AND PURCHASING DRIVERS OF the multicultural/ multiracial consumer because we ARE them!

LET US HELP YOU reach them.


buying power graph

Jeff Humphreys, director of the Selig Center
Buying Power: 

Despite recession, Hispanic and Asian buying power expected to surge in U.S.

Combined buying power of racial minorities (African Americans, Asians and Native Americans) will rise from $1.6 trillion in 2010 to $2.1 trillion in 2015.

The Hispanic market alone at $1 trillion.

Larger than the entire economies of all but 14 countries.

Smaller than the GDP of Canada but larger than the GDP of Indonesia.


When you stay to what you know, you’re creating this poverty of experience for multicultural/multiracial consumers by funneling them into a reality that is not
an accurate reflection of them.

The brands we work with understand and support the multicultural/multiracial consumer.

We support brands by exposing them to our community.

Our video programs would bring more enthusiasm to this overlooked community.

We all want to see ourselves.

We live in such a rich world, let’s expose children to that.

Think about how much further our multi- children would you be drawn in when they have access to tv and books with characters, stories and images that reflect their lives, their neighborhoods and their reality

We’re all going to be better because of it!

Please see our About Us page to learn more about us.

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